Jew-ish is a collaboration project that intended to explore submission, what happens when I chose to surrender to an outer source to determine the sacred and the banal of my life. Conney, my collaborator was brought up in a strict religious environment where the law ascribes trascendental meaning to the minutiae of day to day life. Every act of observance has symbolic meaning. During the project, Conney, who was raised as an orthodox jew compiled a list of the necessary laws and concepts which I needed to submit to during the duration of the project. This resulted in a 30 day experiment where I altered my routine, diet, dress code and social habits. I expected this task to be tedious. I was surprised when I found myself beginning to take comfort in the routine of dedicated sacred intention through out my day. Waking up to wash my hands with water gave me a sense of anticipation of the coming day. Some of the tasks were challenging. The idea of my period making my body impure was infuriating. Having grown christian and not identifying as religious anymore, made submitting to an even more restrictive body of law definitely uncomfortable but surprisingly there was a sort of comfort on the sacredness of the law, challenging my own views on religion.