As part of Runa Llakta we developed the visual laboratory "Runa Ñawi" in collaboration with the collective Kichwa Hatari and with the support and help of MORE ART, Project Luz, and Citizens Committee Neighborhood Grant. The workshops are directed to the Kichwa and Andean community in NY. They include Andean Cosmology and also photography and video as tools for self representation and empowerment. 



For more information on Runa Ñawi the Engaging Artist Research grant

During Runa Ñawi, participants developed projects that range from straight documentary to performance. They address issues of identity, migration, Andean cosmology and gender. This was space created for and by the Immigrant Kichwa and Andean community Living in NY. 

"Tumbala Pushak"( Cacique Tumbala) By Santy Barrera. He investigates his Ecuadorian-American and Huancavilca identity. Santy embodies the Huancavilca leader, Tumbala who faced the Incan and Spanish empires, here in New York City. Tumbala was a warrior and a politician. He was also known for having male and female partners and therefore a reference to understand the non-binary , non-heteronormative philosophy around gender in Huancavilca Nation. 

"Mushuk Kawsay" ( Transformation) by Grace Lopez.  A series of self portraits inspired on 6 months of chemotherapy. It reflects on transformation, seasons and transcending pain. 


Runa LLakta (Human land). Participants Segundo Angamarca, Atik Paguay, Fabian Muenala documentary work focuses on the resilience of the Kichwa immigrant community as well as Native American community. It looks into the history of North & South America, their history of colonization, displacement and migrations.